Fostering Enterprises, Empowering Lives

When you become part of the Infotel Group, you align with one of India's most esteemed and reliable business conglomerates. With its global presence, the Group boasts a diverse business portfolio across various sectors. Infotel Group fosters an environment of openness and collaboration, rendering it the preferred choice for talented and dynamic professionals.

Growth and Advancement

Welcome to Infotel Group - where Learning and Development take center stage. Unlock your potential with us and embark on a journey of continuous growth and advancement. To discover a world of opportunities for personal and professional excellence.

Leadership Enrichment Initiatives

At Infotel Group, we believe in nurturing leaders of tomorrow. Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and vision to lead in an ever-evolving world. To embark on a transformative journey and unleash your true leadership potential.

Intern with Infotel: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Welcome to the Infotel Internship Program – a platform where talent meets opportunity, and passion finds purpose. At Infotel, we believe in nurturing the brightest minds of tomorrow, providing them with an immersive experience to unlock their potential and contribute to our journey of innovation.

Why Choose Infotel for Your Internship?

Learning Beyond Limits:

Our internship goes beyond textbooks, offering you hands-on experience in real-world projects. Collaborate with industry experts and gain insights that shape your career.

Diverse Exposure:

Join a dynamic environment that spans across industries such as Telecom, Information Technology, Fintech, Waste Management, Trading & Distribution, and more. This diversity enhances your learning and widens your horizons.

Mentorship & Guidance:

Our experienced professionals are here to guide you every step of the way. Get personalized mentorship that nurtures your growth and helps you refine your skills.

Innovation at Heart:

Immerse yourself in an ecosystem driven by innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Contribute to groundbreaking projects that impact industries and society.

Networking Opportunities:

Build connections that last a lifetime. Engage with a global network of professionals, opening doors to new possibilities and collaborations.

Career Pathways:

Many of our interns have evolved into key contributors at Infotel. Your journey here could be the start of a remarkable career.

Contribute to Sustainability:

Be part of initiatives that prioritize eco-friendly practices, resource optimization, and social responsibility. Shape a better, sustainable future.

How to Apply:

If you’re passionate, driven, and ready to make an impact, we invite you to join us as an intern at Infotel. Send us your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your aspirations and what you hope to achieve during your internship.

Apply now and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and innovation with Infotel. Together, let’s shape the future.

For inquiries, contact or 0124-4310000